I'm Dave Crix. 
Have a browse and check out my growing list of courses for guitar, singing, songwriting. 

Bare Bones - Acoustic Kickstarter is available now. The rest will follow shortly.

Bare Bones - Acoustic Kickstarter. A song based beginners course for rhythm guitar.

A simple, clear, fun, tried and tested method to quickly learn to play songs on acoustic guitar.

Bare Bones - Acoustic Improver

A follow on course from the Kickstarter. 
More chords, more songs.
Start building your set list.
View course Coming soon

Bare Bones - Acoustic Campfire Superstar

Still all open chords, but new and better ones. Plus loads of great songs.
View course Coming soon

Bare Bones - Beginners Kickstart to writing songs on guitar.

You can start writing songs as soon as you know a handful of chords.. I'll show you how.
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Strum & Sing

Not so easy doing both at the same time eh...? 
This course takes you through why, and what to do. 
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Using the capo - For easier playing and better vocals

The capo can make life so much easier once you get your head around it. 
Better vocals, easier playing, more choices.
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Ultimate Guide to Barre Chords.

A deep dive into one of the ‘make or break’ aspects of learning guitar. 

Essential for genres such as funk,
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Preparing to perform live

There's a few things you need to know that will make it much easier to make that leap...
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Improve your timing (rhythm guitar)

Good timing is essential for things to flow. This will help you find your groove.
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Improve your dynamics (rhythm guitar)

Loud and quiet and much more to really get you playing to sound expressive and much more professional.
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Confidence building

Because this shit is nerve wracking right..?
Get the right mindset and take the right steps to build yourself up.
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Dave Crix

I’ve been a music coach teaching guitar, singing, songwriting and performance for about 11 years. 
In that time I’ve helped with all the issues people have bought to me, both physical and mindset related and slowly developed a style of teaching that is fun, fast and effective.
I’ve been around a while and I know what works, and I know where people go wrong. I know why they get overwhelmed, and I know why so many other teachers struggle with beginner lessons.


Dave’s high standards, experience and encouraging coaching have meant that I have gone from a complete novice to playing, singing and writing and now recording my own songs in less than 5 years. 
The combination of 1-2-1 lessons, group meet ups, challenging exercises to do at home and the whole rhythm shack community environment has been thoroughly enjoyable as well as very productive. If you’re unsure, just do it, you won’t regret it. 

Happy 10th birthday Rhythm Shack! Coming along for a taster singing session a year ago was one of my best decisions, even though I was terrified at the time! I loved singing but had no confidence in my voice at all and just sang at home in my kitchen. Joining Rhythm Shack has changed that - Dave’s teaching and coaching style has enabled me to quite literally find my voice and I’m now singing and playing guitar and building confidence in this. The combination of one to one coaching with Dave, group jam sessions and opportunities for collaborating with other students has been a fantastic experience for me. They’re a great bunch of like minded people and I would highly recommend Rhythm Shack to anyone who is thinking about giving it a go. 

I've been to a few guitar teachers over the years and Dave is the best I've been to. He won't teach you how to shred but If you want to get good at singing and playing acoustic guitar, or if you can already play and sing but want to get better, look no further. The regular jam sessions and performance nights are a nice touch too.

Since joining Rhythm Shack I have gained lots of confidence and lots of advice to develop myself as an artist - I have began to write songs, play at gigs and have also gained the confidence to go busking. Another thing I love about Rhythm Shack is the jam sessions, having been to every one, it has been an amazing opportunity to see what other students are doing and share things of your own in a chilled and non-judgemental environment. I believe that this way of learning is crucial because although you will be pushed, it is a very relaxed environment to learn in. 
Other big news! I went busking today and made £140!!!!!!!!! 

I started with Dave to revive a singing voice and record some of my own material. Dave has been so encouraging without being pushy, and his huge experience has enabled me to make so much progress and my confidence has risen too. Today I joined the jam session and the chance to play, sing and chat to other students was great fun and even change ideas. I look forward to the next one. 

I feel that Rhythm Shack has really helped me build my confidence up especially when I was quite unsure about it at first. It has really helped me know more about myself and made me realise how much I love singing and music. Every lesson is tailored to help me and Dave always makes me feel comfortable and pushes me to do my best. I wish I joined sooner but so glad to join now. I guess you never know how much you love something until you give it a try and never stop trying :)

Great and talented tutor who helped me explore my voice, always supporting and encouraging my learning every step of the way DAVE WARD 

Hi Dave, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my first singing lesson, it was magic! And thank you for not making me feel even remotely self conscious about singing, which was almost more of a surprise for me than discovering my voice. :) Looking forward to more lessons and even some jams with new-found confidence...
Cheers Rob

I've been having lessons with Rhythm Shack now for a number of months and have found the lessons invaluable. My playing has improved no end, and importantly we are focusing on my long-term ambitions as a musician. With Dave Crix's vast experience, he is able to tailor the lessons exactly to your standard and requirements. Dave also has the vision to see how to put your endeavours into practice in the form of showcases, so not only presenting the opportunity to play live, but also meet and work with other students and musicians. I would recommend if you have dream buzzing around in your head to play live to get on board with Dave at Rhythm Shack – you will not be disappointed!

I enjoy and really look forward to my singing lessons each week. Massively recommend David to any singers/guitarists no matter what experience you have or don't have.

Never would have thought after a year or so I would be jamming with others and playing in front of an audience... Dave's great at building confidence, teaching rhythm and encouraging those of us that need it.... Give him a go. You wont regret it....

Thank you for the last few years, you have given George more confidence in his musical choices, and he has gained a lot from his time with you. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you as a teacher.

I would like to thank you for all that you've taught me. Not just the playing but also the understanding behind the music. You're a wonderful teacher and a real nice person. I don't know what the future will bring in terms of guitar but I won't stop playing or learning as I feel I've got enough behind me now to carry on progressing.